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and create a brand of credible and trusted Employer with our new free tools!

Promowanie pracodawcy

We present to you a new innovative system of featuring the Employer and new improved Company Dashboard!

Employer Branding
- stars as a special form of distinction

Complete your profile, add registration documents and post your job ad and you will receive stars as a special form of distinction. They will be seen on the Employers list, your profile and in a preview of the offer you posted.

Why is it worth it?

1. Increase your credibility as an Employer
2. Gain the trust of your Candidates
3. Receive more applications !

Wyróżnianie pracodawcy gwiazdkami
Nowy profil pracodawcy

New attractive Employer Profile

You can start creating the positive image of your company as an Employer in an easy and simple way.

1. Get Employer Branding stars which are visible by the company name.

2. Add a banner , which will enhance the message of your card

3. Attach registration documents : scans confirming the registration in KRS, CEIDG and KRAZ certification

4. Share your photos in Multimedia section